Deadline for submission of E-poster: 23/06/2024

Printing the banner is not necessary;

Page Setup at Power Point:

1. File developed in Power point (.ppt, .pptx) or another similar program, in a single slide and saved in PPT, PPTX or PDF format;
2. The presentation may contain at most one page (slide);
3. Page size setting 15,752 cm x 28,002 cm (width x height);
4. Slide scaled to “Customize” portrait orientation;
5. Font type and font size: Arial or Calibri, minimum size 16 for the title, 8 for general contents and references;
6. Use italics only to indicate terms in other languages;
7. To prevent text from being cut off, it is important to adhere to the specified margin sizes in the template.
8. It is suggested that it be structured with the following subtitles (when applicable):
• Title
• Authors and institutional affiliations
• Objectives
• Methods,
• Results,
• Conclusion,
• References
9. The title of the E-Poster should be the same as the abstract. Below the title should be the name of the authors and their respective institutions. When there is more than one author, separate them by the semicolon.
10. Static images and graphics are allowed.
11. ATTENTION: The abstract’s code is located in the [MY SUBMISSIONS] menu of the submitting author.




Maximun size is 100MB